Leifs Teufel ...

Leif ist Norweger, lebt zur Zeit in England und ist ein riesiger Weasel-Fan. Hier beschreibt er uns seinen OND .... das heißt auf norwegisch Teufel! Bitte die Bilder anklicken ...

Hi Peter,

this is Project Evil-Weasel (because it has an engine) I now have a OS .10LA engine in it, updated it with a proper silencer and installed a big! rudder. Changed the prop for a APC 7x4 and an 4oz fuel-tank. Servoes used is 3xHS-81MG (Hitec) for elevons and rudder and one HS-55 for throttle. Battery is 1000Mah and last for a while.. I have about 12-16min flights and it flies extremely fast and well.



I can change the body to have it perform as a normal hang-flier or as an electric. The servos were moved to the top of the wing to avoid the exhaust and oil from the engine ;) I think it is the ultimate multi-use plane that I have. Simply MAD!


Take care and have fun :)

Leif M.

Ps. OND means evil in Norwegian :)